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Tourists have been told about great freebies that hotels hide, but that you just have to ask for

Your vacation can be even more enjoyable if you know what free perks the hotel provides, but which guests often don’t know about because the staff doesn’t advertise it. Former hotel workers have spilled the beans on how to get more just by asking, Britain’s The Sun reported.

“My hotel had things I would never have thought to ask for, like makeup wipes and hair brushes. Now, when I stay in hotels, I ask the staff before I go out and buy toiletries that I forgot to take with me,” one traveler posted on social media.

Here are the benefits tourists can take advantage of:

  1. Toiletries: Guests can request not only bath essentials, but also items such as makeup wipes and hairbrushes.
  2. Return lost things. The hotel provides complimentary items and guests also often leave items for the staff. But there is a limit on how long things can stay, and this means that the staff has to take them away, – said the employee. – My hotel kept lost items for 90 days before they could be returned to staff. Sometimes I find something worthwhile, like a hair straightener, which I still use.” Some hotels even have special storage for lost items, and guests can return them within a certain time.
  3. Special proposals. Hotel staff may provide additional complimentary services or items, especially if guests politely request them.

Why benefits may disappear

This danger applies to European hotels. New EU rules aimed at reducing waste will ban hotels from issuing mini-toiletries to guests. They will be replaced by large general containers. And for now, hotel guests have the opportunity to get much more than they could imagine. It is necessary to ask for not only standard things but also those that many do not know about.

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