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Security measures against theft in the hotel room were listed for tourists

When traveling, tourists want to rest and relax, but stolen money, passports, or luggage can overshadow any vacation and cause many problems. Security experts shared with Express effective methods of keeping your belongings safe and anti-theft measures in your hotel room.

Michelle Bennett, security expert and CEO of ADT UK&I Subscriber, has compiled a list of tips for travelers who want to protect their documents and valuables while on holiday abroad. She also listed the best places to hide things in a hotel room. Michelle recommends following these rules.

Never say out loud which room you are staying in. During registration, the administrator can also be asked to write the room number on a piece of paper. “This is necessary so that nearby guests do not know in which room you stayed,” explained the security expert.

Lock the door. Most hotels have a lock with a key and a latch on the door. The expert advises always using both so that no one can break into the room using a copy of the key.

Do not leave staff signs on the door. The sign “Please clean the room” is an invitation for thieves, which informs that there is no one in the room. Instead, tourists are recommended to notify the hotel reception desk that the room needs to be cleaned. An additional safety measure is to stay in the room while it is being cleaned.

Always keep money, passports, and IDs with you. For these purposes, a tourist should have a small bag. “We do not recommend carrying large amounts of cash, as using a bank card and withdrawing small amounts is much safer,” advises the expert.

Buy a portable safe. “While most hotels have in-room safes, they often have a master code or ‘black entry’, so hotel staff can easily access the contents. Having your safe eliminates this risk,” explains Michelle Bennett.

Lock your suitcases. A secure lock will not only prevent airport staff and porters from opening your suitcase but will also provide a safe place to store your valuables while on vacation. “Carry the key to the lock with you, and then the hotel staff will not be able to rummage through your luggage,” said the expert.

Buy Smart Tag beacons. These are small GPS-enabled devices that can be placed in a suitcase to track its location. They are useful both for protection against theft and in case of lost luggage at the airport.

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