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Named an easy way to get a luxury hotel room at no extra charge

Budget travel expert Chelsea Dickenson shared some tips with online travel service TravelSupermarket that can help many families save money during their summer vacation.

According to the source, “Dickenson shared some of her hand-picked top tips and hacks that are guaranteed to save time and money for holidaymakers going on summer adventures.”

Request a free hotel upgrade

Most people dream of upgrading a hotel’s room category, but few ask for it. Chelsea urged tourists to be more active when checking in.

“A simple email asking you to consider an upgrade can go a long way – try to keep your email as honest and unique as possible. The secret here is to be polite, complimentary, and in no way demanding,” Travel shared her advice expert.

Packaging hacks

Like almost everything lately, the cost of carrying luggage on an airplane has become more expensive. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to save storage space for your packaging.

Chelsea advises: “Vacationers can optimize every inch of storage space available to them by using hacks like removing padding and stuffing neck pillows, wearing multi-pocket fishing vests and even padded bras to get the most out of their storage space.”.

Another tricky life hack is to buy anything duty-free to use the remaining space in the store’s bag to put excess things that do not fit in hand luggage.

Following these tips will ensure that vacationers don’t have to spend money checking luggage at the last minute.

Airport Lounges

For those who like to arrive at the airport on time and get into the holiday vibe right away, Dickenson recommends airport lounges as great value for money.

Often priced between £30 and £40 per person, many lounges give patrons three hours to sit, relax and enjoy the free food and drink on offer. What’s more, the Lounges provide a quiet retreat from the bustle of the departure terminals, ensuring a smooth start to every vacation.

While this won’t cut costs, it’s a good way to relax and increase your chances of enjoying your holiday.

Check if the hotel has club rooms

Not every hotel has these rooms, but a travel expert says a club room is a great way to make you stay more luxurious without spending too much.

“I remember a vacation where, for an extra £26 a night, the buffet was replaced with three meals a day and free food and drink at the hotel for 12 hours a day,” she said.

House swap in your city

If you’re looking to explore more than just hotels while on vacation and keep your costs down, Ms. Dickenson recommends checking out home-swap-themed sites that give vacationers the chance to experience their cities from a different angle. In addition to a small registration fee, it will cost nothing to vacationers.

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