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In Yemen presented the concept of a heavenly hotel – “flying Titanic”

In Yemen, presented the concept of the hotel-plane Sky Cruise, which has already been called the “flying Titanic”. It was designed by biotechnologist Hashim Al-Ghaili.

The heavenly hotel will be able to stay in the air for years thanks to atomic energy: it is equipped with 20 electric motors powered by nuclear fusion. The aircraft will be controlled by artificial intelligence.

On board, in addition to luxurious rooms and restaurants, it is planned to arrange game rooms and cinemas. Guests can enjoy the view of the clouds from special viewing platforms with panoramic windows. The Sky Cruise Hotel will be able to accommodate 5,000 guests at the same time.

Delivering food and all the necessary things on board is offered by private planes: for this, Sky Cruise will be equipped with a landing pad.

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