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In Scotland Tourists booked a luxury hotel and complained about excrement in the room

Tourists checked into a hotel in Scotland and complained about mold and excrement in the room. Edinburgh Live writes about this.

The family of travelers decided to spend their vacation away from home and booked an apartment in one of the luxurious hotels of Ayrshire park in the southwest of the country, paying £1,265 for ten days.

Upon arrival at the accommodation, the guests found instead of the “wonderful, comfortable” premium room with a veranda, which was promised on the website when booking, the “disgusting”, old and dirty apartments. The first thing the guests noticed was an ashtray filled with cigarette butts, peeling paint on the walls, and mold.

In addition, the cabinets, blinds, and refrigerator were covered in a thick layer of dust, cobwebs hung from the ceiling, and grease was everywhere on the kitchen walls.

“There was urine around the toilet in the bathroom, the paint was peeling everywhere, and the shower was just as dirty,” the travelers said, adding that being in the living room was also unpleasant, as the sofa was torn up and bottle caps, hair, and leftovers were strewn around it. food.

Dissatisfied with the service, the tourists immediately complained to the hotel staff, asking them to replace the apartments, but they were told that all the places were occupied. After spending nine of the ten days of rest, the Scots returned home, demanding compensation for the ruined holiday.

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