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Hotel employees told tourists how to choose a good hotel

Hotel staff from personal experience gave travelers some tips on what to look for when choosing a hotel and what to avoid.

First of all, tourists are advised to always study reviews about the hotel on the Internet, and writes Express concerning comments on the Reddit platform.

“Read between the lines. I’m always looking for trends in reviews. Three-bed bug claims a year apart most likely mean no bed bugs and just a crafty customer trying to slander the hotel to get a free night. Three complaints for one a month – and I think I will avoid them,” one of the hoteliers shared his experience.

Another employee advises reading reviews even if the tourist plans to stay in chain hotels with general quality standards, because, despite the existence of uniform standards, often the level of a particular hotel of a particular chain depends on the staff working there, as well as the characteristics of the country where is it located

At the same time, it is recommended to sort reviews from the most recent: “A lot depends on the owner and management. Reviews are the best way (to choose a hotel – ed.), just don’t forget to sort them by the latest.”

Another hotelier said that he always pays attention to the location of the hotel about places of interest and public transport stops: “It doesn’t make sense to stay in a luxury hotel that is 45 minutes from everything I want to visit. Next, I will consider the amenities it offers.”

He also advised assessing whether the tourist needs all the services offered by the hotel.

“Many of the higher-end hotels offer things like spas and room service that I don’t use, so I don’t have to overpay for those things. The higher-end hotels have better beds and pillows, but I can forgo that for a lower price “, said a Reddit user.

As DIP reported, earlier tourists were told why it is better not to use coffee makers and electric kettles in hotels.

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