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Holidays in Turkey will rise in price in the summer of 2023

Holidays in Turkey will rise in price next year. Hoteliers report that the cost of living in five-star hotels will double, in lower-class apartments – by a third.

The first reason representatives of the hotel business called excessive demand. In July and August, hotels in the resort cities of Turkey were almost 100 percent occupied. And even now there are practically no empty seats.

On the other hand, prices were affected by high food inflation. Since the beginning of the year, some products in Turkey have risen in price by five times, and to compensate for the costs, the authorities decided to increase the minimum wages for hotel workers.

Hoteliers report that price tags have already risen by 20 percent. However, early booking promotions can still be booked at a discounted rate.

Earlier it was reported that prices for accommodation in hotels in Turkey and tour packages might increase due to the increase in electricity tariffs. It is expected that by January the tax will increase three times the current rates, which have already risen so much since the beginning of the year. In addition, from January 1, 2023, a law will come into force in Turkey on the introduction of an “accommodation tax” – a fee for all services sold on the territory of hotels along with accommodation, in the amount of 2 percent.

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