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Five of the ugliest celebrity acts in hotels

Most often in the rooms, they fought, drank, used all sorts of different things, and left a terrible mess. But some especially excelled.

Some of these celebrities were no longer allowed to enter the door after their “uncultured rest”: they behaved so ugly.

Courtney Love went wild

According to the publication, the ex-wife of Kurt Cobain has always been famous for her violent temper, which she did not fail to demonstrate in 2007 in a couple of hotels at once. In July, Courtney celebrated her 43rd birthday at the Covent Garden Hotel in such a big way that the staff was simply stunned. The mirrors in her luxurious room were broken, the carpet burned with cigarettes, the canopy was torn off, and the furniture was damaged.

“And this hotel is still lucky, because, at the next hotel, Claridge’s, the birthday girl started a fire, after which she was simply evicted,” the publication says.

Lindsay Lohan didn’t pay

Scandal girl Lindsay Lohan left a deep memory of herself at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles. In 2012, she spent 47 days there while filming Liz and Dick. And at the end of this period, she moved out without paying the bill for $46,352.

It turns out that the actress was sure that the company that invited her to the shooting would pay for accommodation and other services. But the producers were not going to do this. By the way, the bill has not yet been paid, so Lohan was banned from staying at all Chateau Marmont hotels.

Britney Spears shaved her legs by the pool

In the already mentioned 2007, Britney Spears became the legend of the Mondrian Hotel, she showed up there amid a nervous breakdown with her head shaved and without a cent of money in her pocket. The administration refused to settle it.

Then Britney went to the pool of the institution and decided to shave her legs there. Behind this cute activity, the celebrity was noticed by the guests of the hotel, who turned out to be extremely cordial people: they invited the singer to their room, allowed her to empty the minibar (and, of course, took several photos with her as a keepsake).

Russell Crowe spread his arms

In 2005, the main Hollywood gladiator decided to arrange fights in one of the New York hotels. The reason was weighty: Crowe could not get through to his wife in Australia on the phone from his number, because the device did not work.

The hotel employee refused to urgently replace the phone, citing being busy, for which he received this very phone from Russell. The raging star was handcuffed and promised to be sentenced to 7 years in prison. However, the matter was settled amicably.

Rod Stewart rolled furniture in an elevator

Singer Rod Stewart has been declared persona non grata at the Holiday Inn hotel chain, having been dissatisfied with too loud parties after concerts. Later, Rod himself admitted in an interview: he and the team felt that it was at Holiday Inn that they were not particularly respected. That’s why the musicians went out of their way to annoy the establishment. For example, once they ingeniously loaded the furniture from the room into the elevator all night and lowered it into the hotel lobby. However, Stewart and Holiday subsequently reconciled.

At the beginning of 2020, the 74-year-old singer again celebrated with a scandal, for some reason trying, along with his 39-year-old son, to break into a closed children’s party at a hotel in Palm Beach. And when the guard decided to stop them, the Stuarts let their hands go a little. The result was a court summons.

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