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Egypt bans diving, fishing, and feeding fish

Egypt is tightening control over the work of hotels after the incident with sharks in the resort of Sahl Hasheesh. The corresponding circular signed by the governor of the Red Sea province at the end of last week was received by local hoteliers.

In particular, the document regulates the activities of accommodation facilities in Hurghada, Mars Alam, Safaga, and El Gouna, as well as on the Sinai Peninsula in the areas of Sharm el-Sheikh, Taba, and Dahab.

So, hotels are ordered to strengthen control over the safety of vacationers, especially on the beaches and in the coastal zone. Hotel staff is required to monitor any activities of tourists that potentially attract marine predators to the shore. For example, before July 15, feeding fish, fishing, and throwing leftover food into the sea is prohibited. At the same time, appropriate information boards must be installed on the territory of hotels.

Diving can only be practiced in the marine reef zone and only with a license.

In addition, the bathing area must be marked with signal and barrage buoys. Lifeguards are required to always be present on the beach and be ready to provide first aid to tourists if necessary.

Note that these rules operate on the territory of Egyptian coastal hotels. However, judging by recent shark incidents, some of them do not work in practice.

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