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Dangers that may lie in wait in a hotel bathroom

The bathroom in a hotel is, in fact, not much different from any other public place, where you can easily get health problems if the maid did not clean the room too carefully. About what threats may lie in waiting for the guests, read the material “DIP.


A fungal infection thrives in a humid environment and many remedies simply cannot remove it. However, it is extremely easy to spread and multiply on surfaces. If you are not sure about the quality treatment of the bath, be sure to use shower products with an antifungal effect, and also take a shower in rubber slippers. In addition, you can ask the maid what means she cleans the bathroom and whether they can destroy the fungus.


The danger of contracting ringworm (microsporidia) lies in waiting for hotel guests when using poorly treated surfaces, towels, and combs. If you have the opportunity to use your things, it is better to do so.

If you are unhappy with the cleaning (limescale left on the plumbing, streaks on the glass, or water stagnates in the sink or shower tray), you should call the cleaning lady and demand that she put everything in proper condition and disinfect it.


A virus, which, like a fungus, loves a humid environment very much. It penetrates the body very easily, and it is already impossible to remove it: it simply “falls asleep” after treatment, but at any moment, if the immune system becomes weaker, it manifests itself again. Disposable slippers and frequent changes of towels will help protect you from illness.

Also, to minimize the risks of infection, you can disinfect hands and body parts that most often come into contact with wet surfaces in the hotel bathroom, and disinfect handles and faucets in the room.

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