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All Inclusive on guard of beauty or how hotels won “humiliating” bracelets

To identify their guests and determine what services they are entitled to, resort hotels, amusement parks, water parks, and large SPA centers around the world use bright bracelets, which often annoy customers with their “primitiveness”. Some hotels have found an aesthetic and high-tech solution.

Many resort hotels use bracelets to know that their guests are staying and eating at their hotel. Bracelets also sometimes indicate the age of the tourist (18 years old or a child), or a special (privileged) service system.

Turkish hoteliers are also pinning their hopes on the bracelets when introducing “non-alcoholic All Inclusive”. In some hotels, guests are already wearing different bracelets to understand which system is served with or without alcohol.

Luxury hotels have solved the problem of unaesthetic bracelets

But for high-end hotels, “ugly” paper bracelets have become a real problem: they are not aesthetically pleasing and confuse tourists. In Turkey, many wealthy travelers have a negative attitude towards bracelets, and not only there.

“In high-end all-inclusive hotels, I usually didn’t get wristbands, which gave the impression that their use has fallen out of fashion in recent years,” writes Travel Weekly editor Christina Jelski (Christina Jelski).

However, the hotel managed by Karisma Hotels & Resorts managed to surprise even a seasoned traveler by offering as an alternative a stylish cloth bracelet with a small RFID tag, decorated in wood. Lightweight, adjustable, and completely waterproof.

The same bracelet served as a room key and a hotel “purse” on which you can record the purchase of additional services on the territory of the hotel complex.

“We consistently get positive feedback from guests about how durable, comfortable, and comfortable these bracelets are. Tourists do not need to carry anything with them. They can enjoy the beach and the pool without worrying about losing or missing the key,” said hotel chain sales and marketing spokesman Frank Maduro.

New bracelets are taken away from Hilton hotels as souvenirs

There are more and more high-quality bracelets in all-inclusive hotels around the world.

For example, Hilton has taken things a step further, with their Easy Go digital wristbands allowing hotel guests to make dinner reservations and view event calendars.

“92% of our guests are satisfied with the ease of use of Easy Go wristbands: you don’t try to find the key in your beach bag, and you don’t have to go back to the front desk if it’s demagnetized in your bag,” said Nicole Tilser, Senior Director of Hilton Packages and Resort Strategy.

The hotel chain has already introduced Easy Go wristbands to the all-inclusive Hilton Vallarta Riviera, Hilton Cancun, and Hilton Tulum hotels in Mexico, and plans to roll out the technology to other resorts in the Caribbean.

In addition, the new high-tech bracelets are also popular due to their stylish appearance – tourists want to take them with them and continue to wear them after their vacation, which Hilton regards as additional marketing.

However, it should be noted that hotels of the highest level still prefer to refuse any bracelets. It is generally accepted that their VIP guests do not consider any “tags” on their hands acceptable for themselves. But perhaps with new form factors, this trend can be reversed.

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