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A luxury hotel was robbed at a resort in Thailand: absolutely everything in the amount of 2 million dollars was taken from 348 rooms

Thai police have arrested six people suspected of a daring robbery of a luxury hotel on the resort island of Samui. The robbers did not neglect even light bulbs and electrical wires. The amount of damages is estimated at 2 million dollars. The police are looking for the rest of the participants of the event.

According to The Thaiger, we are talking about the Chaweng Blue Lagoon hotel worth 11.5 million dollars, but now it will cost much less because thieves took away 2 million dollars worth of items from 348 rooms. Thieves took everything possible: electrical wires, light bulbs, sockets, tables, chairs, beds, flush toilets, water heaters, showers, curtains, bed linen, glass windows, wooden doors, air conditioners, water pumps, elevators, stair handrails, and even roof structures.

Every room was destroyed in the process, leaving the hotel looking like a construction site. The criminals also left tools and empty food containers at the scene, suggesting it was a repeated raid. They did not hurry but dismantled everything gradually.

The owner of the hotel, Yommana Punsavat, said that she invested a lot of money in the hotel and the tourist facility was already ready. It was ready to receive guests, but the opening was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, she said that she had not been in the hotel since she locked it after renovations.

“It was the biggest robbery on Koh Samui. They were cruel. I lost more than 2 million dollars,” she complained.

The woman complained that now she cannot afford to renovate the building and the rooms, so she will have to put the hotel up for sale. “Samui needs tourists, but who will invest in Samui after hearing this news?” – the hostess was indignant.

Police officers reported to the media this week that they had identified and arrested six thieves after examining nearby CCTV. Violators can face up to three years in prison and a fine of up to $165 under Penal Code Section 334, which deals with property crimes. They can also face additional charges and fines if their actions fall under any specific type of theft under Penal Code section 335.

It should be assumed that the robbers spent about three months searching the hotel, in which a group of more than six people participated. An investigation is underway, law enforcement officers intend to arrest the entire gang.

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