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7 things you can do in the hotel, and you didn’t even know

What else belongs to the guest that he does not know about? “DIP” scored seven non-obvious items at once

Notify the administration about your anniversary or honeymoon and get a compliment, ask for an iron at the reception or order a wake-up call – it seems that all more or less experienced tourists know about this. But the list of bonuses for guests is not limited to this. What else belongs to the guest that he does not know about? “DIP” scored seven non-obvious items at once.

A few days before check-in, call the hotel and ask for a discount or an upgraded room. The trick works in 80% of cases in chain hotels. The support service will transfer the request directly to the administration and it will be fulfilled with a good chance if there are available seats.

4-5 * hotels have a small car park for meeting customers. It is often idle and the hotel uses its transport as a taxi. Ask about the rates – sometimes the trip is cheaper than calling a car by phone or through the app.

If you doubt the cleanliness of the pillows or blankets, ask for them to be replaced. Most likely, they will bring you brand new accessories from the warehouse, which are kept there just for such restless customers.

There is a problem with noise insulation in the rooms. If your neighbor’s TV is too loud, try pointing the remote at the wall and turning down the volume. Sometimes it works.

Some hotels have a rooming service – tours with a demonstration of the rooms of the category booked by the guest. Ask to conduct it and choose the option that you like.
The same “standards” differ in layout, proximity to the elevator and view from the window.

Not everyone knows that in most hotels you can book not only a day’s stay, but also 12 hours for half the price with some extra. Reservation systems do not offer such an accommodation option and the hotel website does not always write about it. It is better to call and clarify.

Employees are in no hurry to report lost items. If no one comes back after a disappearance in a few months, they can keep the find for themselves. But if he comes and accurately describes the loss, everything will be returned to him. So you can safely say at the reception that you forgot a black umbrella: the hotel’s “foundation bureau” will definitely find some black umbrella – they will give it to you.

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