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Shocking video of bomb blast in Paris leaked online

The creator of the shocking video of the alleged bombing of Paris told Le Monde newspaper.

“I think we are in World War III and this conflict will become ubiquitous,” he said, adding that his video was not propaganda but a warning.

Earlier this month, a video of a bombing in Paris was published on the websites of Ukrainian authorities, as well as on French media and social networks, Le Monde recalls.

The footage shows the girl posing against the backdrop of the Eiffel Tower when she was suddenly bombed and hit, and smoke began to rise above her.

Explosions then echo in other parts of Paris, sirens are heard, a terrorist is seen dropping a bomb on an apartment building, and condominiums are on fire as children scream and adults scream in panic. The video ended with a message in English: “Imagine this could happen in another European capital” and a call from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky: “Close the skies over Ukraine or give us more pilots. If we fall, you fall too.”

The video was viewed two million times on the website of the Ukrainian parliament alone, while in France it shocked and outraged comments.

Le Monde managed to contact the creator of the video, Olias Barko, a Frenchman from Kiev. He is also a screenwriter and producer by profession. He told the French publication that he took his wife and children out of Ukraine and is now in the western part of the country. At first, he didn’t want to make it public that he was the creator of the video, so the footage would speak for itself. But when rumors spread that he was the creator of the video, he decided to make himself known. Barko told a French publication that he wanted to cause an “electric shock” for the West with this video.

“This was not an order of the Ukrainian government,” he said. This is what I wanted to do myself, with producer Jean-Claude Levy, to shock the West.

Barko added that he was counting on the help of a major French special effects company to make a video shot in Paris and filmed in Ukraine. He does not want to mention her name or the names of other people he has worked with because he has already been threatened.

“Nobody paid us, nobody funded us,” Barko said.

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