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Tourists in Europe face serious fines for wearing counterfeit designer items

Recently, in Germany, one of the tourists was fined 5,000 euros for wearing counterfeit sneakers and a T-shirt.

Traveling around Europe with counterfeit items can lead to big trouble, experts warned on the pages of the Birmingham Mail portal. For example, in Germany, the laws on combating counterfeit goods are strict. The Trademark Act prohibits the distribution, sale, and storage of counterfeit designer items. This is how local authorities fight counterfeit products.

But Germany is not the only country where a fine can be imposed for non-original items. In Italy, for example, the purchase, sale, and possession of counterfeit goods is also strictly prohibited. The authorities are especially vigilant in tourist areas and large cities.

France is also actively fighting counterfeit goods. The French Intellectual Property Code prohibits the import, sale, and storage of counterfeit items. Travelers caught with counterfeit items can face fines of up to UAH 340,000.

Spain also maintains strict laws that are applied in tourist areas. Fines for possession of counterfeit goods can reach UAH 140,000. Spanish police and customs officers often patrol markets and shopping areas, catching owners of counterfeit goods.

Switzerland is also famous for its strict laws against counterfeit goods. For example, the country has a federal law on the protection of trademarks and indications of source that applies to the import and possession of counterfeit goods. If a tourist or local is found with counterfeit goods, he or she can be fined the equivalent of up to UAH 115,000.

According to sports analyst Alex Hemming, travelers are advised to avoid buying and wearing counterfeit goods to avoid getting into trouble in Europe. “The correct approach is to buy only genuine goods and keep receipts to confirm their legality,” the expert assured.

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