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Tourism in Europe in 2023 almost reached pre-pandemic levels

In the fourth quarter of 2023, tourist flows to Europe recovered almost to pre-pandemic levels. This was reported by the European Tourism Commission (ETC).

“The number of foreign tourist arrivals in the last quarter of 2023 is 1.6% lower than in 2019, and the number of hotel nights is only 0.6% lower. This indicates a strong demand for travel across Europe. This trend is expected to continue in 2024,” the ETC said.

It is clarified that the recovery of the tourism sector is due to active travel within the European region and the growing number of tourists from North America and the Asia-Pacific region. Most often in 2023, tourists traveled to Europe from Germany, France, and the Netherlands.

Tourist flows from China have recovered by a third compared to pre-pandemic 2019. In 2024 it is expected to be 61% of the pre-crisis level.

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