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The EU has submitted a questionnaire to Georgia for candidate status

EU Enlargement Commissioner Oliver Varhei presented a questionnaire to Georgian Foreign Minister Ilya Darchiashvili in Luxembourg today. The transmission of the document was broadcast live on the Georgian TV channel Imedi, TARS reports.

“This is a questionnaire that we would like to use to find out what the situation is in your country, including the political and economic situation. The rest of the questionnaire is about the compliance of your legislation with European ones. We are also ready to work with you very quickly to present your position to the European Council, as required by the rules,” Warhei said.

The questionnaire consists of 40 pages and contains 369 questions to the Georgian authorities.

Earlier today, Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili said that all agencies would be involved in preparing answers, and the process would be under his personal control.

On March 3, Garibashvili signed a statement granting Georgia EU candidate status.

The first official step on the path to EU accession is the European Commission’s recommendation to the EU Council to open accession negotiations.

The country then has to agree with the EU on a number of conditions or “negotiating chapters” that must be met.

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