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New countries were added to the countries in Europe that lifted the restrictions: a list

European countries continue to abandon “co-restrictions”. After Britain, Sweden and Germany were among the withdrawing countries. Some measures are also being implemented throughout the EU. However, restrictions on entry – including Ukrainian tourists, remain.

The latest list of countries that lift restrictions is as follows:

  • In Sweden, according to Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson, all restrictions will be lifted from February 9. “It’s time to fully open the community. We can make that decision thanks to high levels of vaccination, fewer people in need of intensive care, and access to more information on disease control, ”she said.
  • The next “calendar” restriction will be lifted by Germany: from March 19. That is, the country will not continue the “antique” measures, the term of which is just right. According to Johannes Vogel, a representative of the FDP parliamentary group, “As the coalition government wants, the anti-coronavirus measures will be lifted on March 19.” Read the details in the article “Germany said it would lift restrictions and resume tourism“.

We will remind also the list of other countries where coronavirus restrictions are removed:

  1. Denmark: All restrictions have been lifted, except for entry restrictions.
  2. Norway: Most restrictions have been lifted.
  3. Finland: Restaurants are allowed until 24.00, but nightclubs will be closed until 1 March. All restrictions are scheduled to be lifted on March 1.
  4. France: Restrictions on the number of events are lifted, but the obligation to present a certificate of vaccination for restaurants and various events is not changed.
  5. Austria: Restrictions are being phased out, but all people over the age of 18 must have a vaccination certificate.
  6. Italy: entry conditions are being eased, but only for EU tourists. If they have a vaccination certificate, the obligation to take the test is waived.
  7. Britain: Vaccine passports (similar to QR codes), PCR testing, all hated masks and even quarantine have been abolished.
  8. Iceland: went the way of Britain.

It will be recalled that in general, experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) express hope for a “long period of peace” and a “strong world” in the fight against coronavirus – and thus a return to normal life and tourism. Europe is looking forward to the Easter holidays – that is, mid-April – as the first full tourist season. Read the details for link.

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