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Extreme heat returns to Europe

Extreme heat this week will return to southern Europe, including popular tourist destinations.

So, in the area of Seville in Spain, the air temperature will reach +44 °С. Also the country fears the emergence of new natural fires.

+35 °C has already been recorded in Cyprus, and a large fire is raging near Limassol. The situation is complicated by strong winds.

In Greece, due to increased winds in several regions of the country, the threat of fires remains. Recall that earlier in July, strong fires led to the evacuation of thousands of tourists from the island of Rhodes.

Fires continue on the Italian island of Sardinia. The maximum, red level of danger has been declared there today.

At the same time, it became colder in the center and northwest of Europe, and to anomalously low values for August. So, in London and Paris tonight the temperature can drop to +14° C.

Storm Hans is raging in northern Europe, disrupting air traffic in Sweden and sea traffic in Poland, and the risk of flooding has arisen in Norway.

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