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Europe expects abnormal 45-degree heat

As the Associated Press news agency reports, the countries of the south and center of Europe are preparing for the abnormal heat that will come there in the coming days due to the anticyclone Cerberus.

According to meteorologists, countries such as Italy, Spain, France, Germany, and Poland will face heat waves this weekend.

On the Italian islands of Sicily and Sardinia, the air temperature can exceed +48 °C, this will be a record in the history of meteorological observations in Europe. In most of Italy, the thermometers will rise to +40 °C and above, in Spain a heat of +44 °C is expected.

Cyclone Cerberus will reach northern Europe after the weekend. So, in the north of Norway, the temperature record for the entire history was already registered the day before – + 28.8 °C. The previous record was set in 1964, it was +27.6 °C.

The International Committee of the Red Cross urges tourists in Europe to exercise caution and pay attention to the people around them, especially from groups vulnerable to high temperatures.

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