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Baltic states declare 10 Russian diplomats persona non grata

Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia have declared a total of ten Russian diplomats persona non grata, world news agencies reported at the foreign ministries of the three Baltic states.

Lithuania declared four diplomats persona non grata, and two other countries three.

The decision of the three foreign ministries was agreed upon and took into account “activities contrary to their diplomatic status and taking into account Russia’s aggression in Ukraine,” Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics said on Twitter.

The Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it declared the diplomats persona non grata because they “directly and actively undermined the security of Estonia and disseminated propaganda justifying the Russian military offensive.”

Lithuania said the decision to declare the diplomats persona non grata was made “in solidarity with Ukraine.”

So far, there are no comments from the Russian Foreign Ministry. Russian diplomats in Estonia have 72 hours to leave the country. There are five days to leave Lithuania and Latvia.

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