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Egypt’s population will grow to 190 million by 2050

Amira Tawadros, director of the Ministry of Planning’s Demographic Center, has warned that Egypt’s population will reach 190 million by 2050 if current population growth occurs.

Commenting on Al-Hakika TV, Tawadros said projects are being opened and investments are being made in the country on a daily basis. However, the lives of citizens will change only due to population growth.

During the inauguration of the food industry city of Silo Foods in the province of Menufiya, President Sisi said that the problem of building agricultural land is related to overcrowding, as more and more people need housing.

Sisi said that since 2010, the population has increased by 20 million people, noting that commodity prices are rising due to increased demand due to overcrowding.

The president also warned that the high prevalence of dwarfism, anemia and obesity among children is due to overpopulation, arguing that some parents tend to have more children than they can care for.

During a meeting with editors-in-chief and media representatives during a tour of the food industry in the city, Sisi said the state was working hard to make water accessible and protect agricultural land, confirming that overcrowding would cause water problems.

The President of Egypt reaffirmed that the fight against encroachment on agricultural land should be considered a priority for the village of Egypt.

The president also warned of the serious economic consequences of rapid population growth, citing how it had affected grain subsidies.

He also reaffirmed that it is in the public interest to control this population growth given the need to ensure a dignified life for all citizens.

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