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50 Russian tourists were immediately removed from the flight to Sharm el-Sheikh

An extraordinary event during the customs inspection immediately left about 50 Russian tourists of “Pegas” without rest. Telegram channel Baza told about it. According to the authors of the channel, the plane of the Southwind airline company (a new Pegasus a/c, created specifically for the delivery of Russian tourists after the introduction of sanctions by the West) was supposed to fly to Sharm el-Sheikh from Kaliningrad (via Antalya), but before that, it passed a customs inspection in St. Petersburg. This is where the incident happened…

It is reported that during the inspection of the board, someone accidentally touched the release button of the inflatable escape ladder. Further, the experts explain the delay of the departure and the removal of 50 tourists with the following reason: since the ramp is disposable, some of the passengers had to be removed from the flight, otherwise there would not be enough evacuation equipment for them in the event of an emergency. As a result, only 150 out of 200 passengers were allowed on board. And for their return, the plane was sent back to Kaliningrad.

“The crew was instructed to remove as many as 46 people from the flight and especially not to spare passengers without children and luggage, as well as those flying in small groups. The tourists learned the news about the cancellation of the tickets of the loser just before departure,” the Telegram channel says. At the same time, its experts add that the next flight from Kaliningrad is scheduled only for December 15, so the “disembarked” tourists will have to be satisfied only with the return of money, and not with the postponement of the tour.

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