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Medvedev: The United States intends to destroy Russia and then China

The United States has set itself the task of destroying Russia and then China, which will lead to a global crisis and collapse, said former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, reports TASS. However, Moscow will never allow such a development, – he said in his Telegram profile.

Medvedev, who is Russia’s deputy chairman of the Security Council, also said that for the past 30 years, “the United States’ talentless and primitive game has been directed against Russia.” He added that the same is explained in the United States, namely that Russia is the enemy.

According to the high-ranking representative of Russia, after the destruction of Russia, the complete weakening of China is on the list of US goals.

“And then there will be only a few steps left to the world’s worst crisis, to the energy and food collapse, to the abandonment of all systems of collective security,” Medvedev warned.

The United States has waged senseless wars far from its territory and does not care what happens to other countries after that, the former Russian president wrote.

According to Medvedev, Americans are not interested in the future when it comes to their own incomes, homes and plans.

“I was shocked when one of the US presidents, in response to my question about what would happen to the Middle East three months after US aid, carelessly said, ‘We don’t think so far ahead.’ This is a very long time, “Medvedev said.

“Then it became clear that this is the essence of the US attitude to the problems of others. They just don’t care who gets what. They do not hide it, “said the former Russian leader.

Russia would like to see the United States as a strong and smart country, not the last resort for people who are gradually falling into senile weakness, Medvedev said.

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