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Passenger sues Emirates airline in Australia for misrepresentation

An Emirates passenger has become disillusioned with Emirates’ “disgusting” business class and has decided to sue the airline, reports The Independent.

According to media reports, the plaintiff sued the air carrier for dirt and inconvenience on the plane, as well as for “deception in advertising.”

According to the source, 20-year-old Brody Chapman, who travels up to 20 times a year with the airline, flew from Oslo to Dubai, paying 3,240 Australian dollars for a comfortable seat in business class. However, the passenger found an “absolutely disgusting” plane and a chair that did not recline during landing. He accuses the air carrier of “misrepresenting the brand.” The man hopes to sue for 5,000 Australian dollars.

“The seats were dirty, socks stuck to my chair, it didn’t recline properly, and one of the screens was broken. They advertise fancy planes – Boeing 777 or A-380, but the plane I got on was disgusting. This plane is not advertised, he is about 23 years old. None of the services they advertise or offer were available,” a passenger told the Daily Mail Australia tabloid.

Mr. Chapman claims that the airline’s website only advertises new aircraft cabins, so he was sold a different product.

The Emirates customer service team offered the plaintiff 20,000 bonus miles in compensation, noting that they “indicate on the website that products and services may differ on actual flights depending on routes and aircraft configuration.” In addition, the airline said in a statement that “operational requirements may result in last-minute replacements of aircraft used on scheduled flights.”

Disappointed with the service, the passenger was unsatisfied with this answer, making the final decision to go to court.

“I pay more to fly with Emirates than with other carriers because they offer more luxury and comfort. But if the product they advertise has nothing to do with what we get in the end, then it’s not fair”, – concluded the dissatisfied client.

An Emirates spokesman commented on the situation as follows:

“Our Customer Success and Service Audit department takes all feedback seriously and is diligently pursuing this case. The team has contacted the client, however, as this case is currently pending in court, we will not comment further.”

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