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Named the six most dangerous countries for women

Among the popular tourist destinations, some are not exactly suitable for women’s holidays alone or with friends.

List of countries where the pleasure of the holiday can be hopelessly spoiled due to the high probability of harassment, robbery, or too extreme situations.


A developed country with a scorching sun, blue ocean, surfing, and dozens of activities seems like a completely safe option. But the local fauna can be shocking: sharks, spiders, rays, and not-so-friendly kangaroos. To cope with extreme situations, it is worth going there in the company of a man.


Tourism in this country is dangerous for both women and men. The fact is that gangs operate in cities, and armed conflicts often occur. You can get into a shootout and become a victim of robbers.

In addition, sexual slavery is still widespread in the country, which means that it is especially dangerous for tourists to be in the north of Colombia.


You can feel quite comfortable in hotels and on organized excursions, but dangers lie in waiting for tourists in the city: it is easy to become a victim of robbers in the subway, having lost gadgets, jewelry, money, and taxi drivers sometimes harass passengers. Therefore, if you plan to relax in Mexico, then try not to leave the tourist area.


The same rules apply to Brazil: it is better not to leave the hotel and not fight off tourist groups. Most often, women are attacked on city streets; they are deprived of jewelry, cash, and gadgets. Experienced guides recommend visiting cities only with a group of several men.


The islands can be called truly paradise: untouched nature and wild birds fascinate, the warm ocean allows you to swim around the clock, and comfortable hotels allow you to truly relax and unwind. But in the group of islands, there is one where tourists should never go: Tawi-Tawi. Here, gangs operate with near impunity, and girls are often victims of robbery and violence.


It is believed that the state of Goa is almost safe for tourists, unlike other regions of the country. Local food and a complete lack of sanitation can lead to serious poisoning, so traveling alone is not worth it. And the country is also the absolute leader of the anti-rating in terms of the level of sexual violence: according to official statistics, it happens here every 20 minutes.

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