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Experts told whether it is dangerous to relax in Egyptian and other favorite resorts

After the tragedy in Hurghada, one of the first questions is: how often do sharks attack people?

There was a monstrous story this week in Hurghada: a shark attacked a 23-year-old man from Russia. Vladimir Popov, according to eyewitnesses, had no chance. A marine predator swam up to him gradually and after a couple of minutes took the guy’s life.

According to some assumptions, the shark was seen a few days before the incident: she swam near the pier and chased small fish. How did the predator get on the beach full of tourists? According to one version, the hotel staff removed the nets from the water, which should protect against sharks.

This story is far from the first when predators, who rarely attack people, become the culprits of tragedies in a recreation area.

January 2023, Mexico

The clam fisher died during a routine job for him: the man dived six meters to harvest, but at that moment he was attacked by a shark. As a colleague of the catcher said, the predator appeared as if from nowhere and instantly bit off the man’s head. The poor fellow didn’t stand a chance.

February 2023, Australia

What can happen when friends decide to cool off in a small river after a kayak trip? It turns out that even in such waters you can meet a dangerous predator. This happened to a young resident, in the river she was attacked by a bull shark. This species sometimes swims from the sea into the rivers and hunts in shallow water. The wounded girl was pulled ashore when she was still breathing, but the girl did not live to see the arrival of the doctors.

February 2022 Sydney

There have been no shark attacks on the beaches of Sydney for 60 years, but suddenly a predator attacked a resident who decided to take a dip on a hot day. Eyewitnesses recall in horror that it looked as if the car had fallen into the water. One splash – and the young man went under the water. The shark killed him instantly.

June 2019, Bahamas

This case would suit a horror movie script. Yes, about once a year in one of the countries, sharks attack people, but on that day, the girl was the victim of a throw by not one, but three sharks. Rose, 21, was swimming close to shore, but didn’t hear her parents yell at her that a shark was nearby.

Predators tore the woman to pieces, she died from her injuries.

July 2011, Seychelles

This case is an illustration of actual negligence. On August 1, the shark swam too close to the shore and attacked a 36-year-old Frenchman. After the tragedy, the beach was supposed to be closed, but the owners of the hotel on the shore decided that this misunderstanding would deprive them of their profits. Just two weeks later, the predator was again in the places where the vacationers swam. This time, 30-year-old Englishman Jan became the victim of a shark.

He was surfing when a shark threw him off the board into the water and tore off the man’s arm. The predator has driven away, and the guy has pulled ashore, but he soon died from his injuries.

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