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A tourist survived in the Australian outback thanks to a bottle of wine

A woman survived five days without water in the Australian wilderness thanks to a bottle of wine – the only liquid she had with her.

As The Washington Post writes, 48-year-old woman Lilian Ip went on vacation to the city of Bright at the foot of the Victorian Alps. The tourist planned to make a one-day trip to the nearest dam, so she only took some snacks and candy with her, but she didn’t stock up on water.

When she came to a dead end on the road, she realized that she had turned in the wrong direction. The woman tried to turn her car around and get back on the route but ended up stuck on the dirt road. Her cell phone was out of range, so it was impossible to call for help.

After the woman stopped communicating, her family turned to the police for help. For several days, rescuers combed the remote, hilly area until her car was spotted by a police helicopter on a remote stretch of road.

The woman admitted that she doesn’t drink at all, and the bottle of wine in her car was intended as a gift for her mother.

“That helped her hang on. She showed common sense by staying in her car and not wandering around in the bushes, which helped the police find her,” the police said.

Lilian told the police that she no longer believed that she would get out of there alive, and even wrote a farewell note. The first thing she asked her rescuers for was water and cigarettes.

At the same time, the publication emphasized that, in fact, wine, on the contrary, removes water from the human body, so it is not the best means of survival in the wild, especially when there is no drinking water nearby.

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