додому НІМЕЧЧИНА Ангела Меркель привітала Володимира Зеленського з перемогою

Ангела Меркель привітала Володимира Зеленського з перемогою


Ангела Меркель привітала Володимира Зеленського з перемогою, та висловила свою підтримку. Привітання опублікував Посол Німеччини в Україні Ернст Райхель на своїй сторінці фейсбук.

Dear Mr. Zelensky, I warmly congratulate you on your election as President of Ukraine.

Since the Revolution of Dignity, the relations of our countries have intensified in a very positive manner – politically, economically, culturally and between societies. The stabilization of Ukraine, and peaceful conflict resolution, are close to my heart, as are crucial reforms of the justice system, decentralization and the fight against corruption.
The Federal Government will continue to stand by Ukraine in deeds, in particular in defending its right to sovereignty and territorial integrity. I would be glad to meet you in Berlin in the near future. I wish you good fortune and success in the challenges ahead of you.

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Yours sincerely, Dr. Angela Merkel, Federal Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany.