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Turkey tightened requirements for tourism facilities

Tourist sites in Turkey that violate the hygiene and health safety requirements defined by the country’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism will be required to pay a fine of 13,500 lira (more than $ 1,500).

The relevant proposals were reflected in the draft Law on the Promotion of the Tourism Sector, which is being considered in the Turkish Parliament.

According to the document, in the event of a repeated violation of hygiene standards during periods of a pandemic, the fine is doubled. The amount of the fine doubles for each new non-compliance with the rules during the year.

If the management of the tourist facility does not have a certificate of compliance with health safety standards, it will be forced to pay a fine of 13,500 lira.

Another innovation concerns the objects of sea tourism, which are required to obtain licenses for activities. Otherwise, the owners will face a fine of 20 thousand Turkish liras.

According to another innovation, the Ministry of Tourism will be able to issue temporary permits (for a period of up to a year) for the use of yachts under foreign flags over 39 meters long in the territorial waters of Turkey for commercial purposes.

Yachts under foreign flags will be able to stay in Turkish waters for up to five years in order to organize entertainment tours, etc. If necessary, the ministry can extend the term for another five years.

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