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Turkey accused YouTube of double standards

Video hosting blocked the speech of the head of the Turkish presidential administration at an exhibition in memory of Turkish diplomats who died at the hands of Armenian terrorists

Fahrettin Altun, head of the Public Relations Office of the Turkish Presidential Administration, sharply criticized YouTube for removing his speech at the exhibition in memory of Turkish diplomats killed in various years by Armenian terrorists.

Video hosting blocked the video of Altun’s speech at the event on the pretext that it allegedly contained hate speech.

He deplored the actions of the YouTube administration and called them a manifestation of “double standards and hypocrisy.”

“YouTube, which ignores hate speech against Islam and Muslims and easily provides space for black propaganda from terrorist organizations, believes that what we are talking about bloody terrorists who killed Turkish diplomats is a hate crime,” wrote the head of the department on his Twitter.

“Whether you like it or not, we will say at every opportunity that terrorism has no language, religion or race. Once again, we were convinced that, as in all areas, we need national platforms in the field of media and communications. Long live the truth! ”He added.

Earlier in the US capital, Washington, under the organization of the Public Relations Office of the Administration of the President of Turkey, an exhibition “Martyrs’ Diplomats” was opened, dedicated to the memory of Turkish diplomats and their family members killed in different years by militants of Armenian terrorist organizations.

Armenian terrorist organizations such as ASALA and JCAG killed a total of 58 Turkish citizens in the 1970s and subsequent years. The number of Turkish diplomats and members of their families who became victims of Armenian terrorists in those years is 31.

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