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The pilot told how to survive in a falling plane

According to the pilot, most aircraft are designed so that the ship, in an emergency, does not fall, but glides. This raises the chances of survival for passengers and crew.

The design of most aircraft is similar: many aircraft can glide without engines from a height of 1 kilometer to a distance of 17 kilometers.

Passengers must comply with the following rules:

“Pilots train such landings; in case of engine failure, they are required to land on a suitable airfield. The passenger, in turn, must comply with all commands, take safe postures and leave the plane on time without succumbing to panic. Panic often leads to tragedy. And, of course, it is very important to buckle up: the belt keeps you in place. Otherwise, with sudden braking, you can fly to the very beginning of the cabin, causing a lot of problems for yourself and other passengers along the way,” the pilot explained.

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