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The expert told what tricks scammers use in Turkey

The expert noted that quite often people are deceived with the help of inexpensive excursions. Already on the trip, it turns out that it was necessary to pay extra for something, and the traveler has to agree.

She recommended buying tours from trusted guides, such as your tour operator.

Turks deceive female tourists when they meet. They call her to a restaurant, have dinner there, and then leave and leave the payment of the bill on the girl.

The travel agent noted that even in the baths and spa centers you can run into a scammer. He may introduce himself as a doctor and report on your pinching, scoliosis, and poor joint condition, and then offer to fix it all. You pay money for a couple of sessions and it will disappear. It is better to buy such services at the spa center checkout.

The expert also said that sometimes Turks approach tourists on the beach and demand payment for being on the beach. She explained that there are free beaches along the coastline in Turkey, and there is no need to pay if you come and lie on your towel.

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