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Psychologists told why travel and change of scenery are important

Often we get lost in everyday work, study, and everyday life, we begin to live “on the machine”. Travel can help you recharge. About what horizons open trips – spontaneous and planned – said the specialist of the psychological assistance service Denis.

New places are a source of fresh impressions, experience, interesting information, and communication with people. Traveling allows you to expand your horizons, and get acquainted with the traditions of other cultures, languages, ​​and customs. And it can be not only and not so many trips to exotic countries. To unwind, switch to another topic and learn something new and entertaining, it is not necessary to fly to distant lands.

Many places around us are worth visiting to get to know our native land better. Reserves, cultural centers, historical monuments, and simply picturesque landscapes. Moreover, you can usefully spend your leisure time without even leaving the borders of the capital. For example, go for a walk along the memorable streets, and see the sights and monuments of architecture. You can take this voyage alone or with friends, or join a sightseeing tour with a professional guide.

– What does travel give in its most diverse forms, and what is its psychological side? First, in this way we are distracted from everyday worries, and everyday patterns of action. This is a very good way to relieve stress, unwind, and switch attention to something hitherto unknown. Secondly, being in a new place or looking around the historical center of your city, you receive information, enriching yourself intellectually. In addition, fresh and unusual information stimulates creativity, develops imagination, and adds new elements to our inner content, which can be used for self-development. Orientation skills are also honed, and curiosity is stimulated. New dishes and even just special smells will be remembered for a long time and will remind you of pleasant moments,” the psychologist noted.

Among the advantages of traveling, the specialist notes the opportunity to meet new people. It is impossible to know exactly who you will meet on the way: perhaps a new acquaintance will become a good friend or at least a close friend. Another positive point is emotional stabilization. Sometimes a vacation in the mountains or nature, especially for a resident of a metropolis, has a beneficial effect on the internal state. Far from the hustle and bustle of the city, there is an opportunity to think about life and our place in it – often, being in our familiar habitat, we drive these thoughts away, trying to put them on the back burner.

– Having gone, for example, for a walk through the historical quarters of the city, you can put a conditional check mark on another completed important business. But a trip to another region or city is already a more capacious enterprise. Overcoming obstacles and difficulties, we experience the pleasure of accomplishments. In addition, we become more open to the environment, tolerant, emotionally stable, and mature,” Denis added.

Everything is good in moderation, and even a constant change of scenery gets boring, boring, ceases to bring the most important thing – pleasure. However, by traveling in a reasonable and comfortable format, you can get a rich resource for maintaining a good emotional state and changing your life for the better.

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