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“No perfume or gum.” How to behave on wine tours

Some tourists choose wine tours, during which they visit wineries, vineyards, and festivals.

1. Talk to winemakers or tour organizers to get the right information. If you like a particular type of wine, learn as much as you can about its production, variety, and history. Everyone will be happy to share their knowledge as it is their passion. And everyone likes to discuss their interests.

2. Make notes about varieties you like. Perhaps, after several tastings, you will not remember which wine piqued your interest. You can open your notes when needed, such as in a restaurant. You can take a photo of the label or bottle you like so that it stays in your phone’s memory.

3. Chat with locals and find out about the best restaurants in the area. Ask where you can have a good lunch because wine is best paired with delicious food.

4. Leave time between tastings. Consider travel time between points. Expect a visit to last over an hour because there are also friendly guides, vintners, and farm owners who will happily join in the conversation about wine and their wares. Each winery has a shop inside. Take the time to browse the range and maybe even buy something.

5. Taste different wines. Don’t limit yourself to varieties you are already familiar with. So you can miss the original varieties that you did not know about.

6. Take care of your sense of smell before the tasting tour. Do not eat or drink anything that can affect your sense of smell and taste. Avoid coffee, fruit gum, mint gum, or candy. The same applies to cigarettes. Refrain from smoking and using strong perfumes before visiting the tasting.

7. Choose comfortable clothes. This is necessary to be able to wander through the vineyards. Don’t forget your hat and sunglasses. Wear black clothing in case you accidentally spill wine.

8. Show interest in the manufacturer. Don’t feel compelled to buy. But be sure to express curiosity.

9. If you plan to buy wines, prepare a special box. To better protect the wine from the heat and keep the bottles from clinking, we advise you to purchase a wine box in advance. Also, don’t leave the bottle in a closed car all day in the heat.

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