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Italy proposes a new way to protect tourists from the theft of expensive watches

Cesare Foa, president of the Association of Tour Operators of Naples Aidit, has figured out how to help tourists protect their expensive watches from theft. CNN reports it.

According to Cesare Foa, hotels, where owners of expensive watches stay, should offer their guests to replace luxury accessories with plastic ones while walking around Naples.

“There is a need for tourists to enjoy the tranquility and peace in Naples, so hotels and the [city] council should ensure guests feel safe and relaxed by providing them with plastic watches,” he told the publication.

Plastic alternatives to expensive accessories could also be a memento from Naples.

“The watch could be decorated, put on them the symbols of Campania so that later they could be given to relatives and friends,” said the association’s president of tour operators.

Cesare Foa’s proposal stems from a recent incident in Naples when French actor Daniel Auteuil was stripped of a Patek Philippe worth around €40,000.

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