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How to avoid accidents while on the water

Fans of recreation on the water are reminded that even with the ability to swim well, one should be careful, disciplined, and strictly adhere to the rules of conduct.

Among the main causes of accidents occurring on the water, bodies are swimming in unsuitable and unknown places, uncontrolled leaving of children near water bodies, as well as bathing adults while intoxicated.

To ensure safety, the following precautions must be observed:

– avoid swimming alone;

– avoid overheating, hypothermia and overwork;

– do not swim up to motor boats and other vehicles – it is dangerous;

– do not swim beyond the restrictive signs of places reserved for swimming, do not climb technical and warning signs, buoys, and other objects;

– do not leave children near the water without adult supervision and do not allow teenagers to go to water bodies alone;

– do not swim while intoxicated;

– avoid swimming alone;

– refrain from swimming in unknown and not intended for this purpose water bodies, do not dive in places with unknown depth and bottom topography.

Also, the Civil Protection Department reminds us: that if you feel that the situation is getting out of control, you should not panic! It is necessary to turn on your back, rest, restore even breathing and swim to the shore with the flow.

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