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How much tip should tourists leave on vacation in different countries, the expert said

Not knowing how much you should tip could have consequences for holidaymakers and their budgets, warns a financial expert.

40 percent of holidaymakers don’t check how much to tip in a given country before traveling, according to new research from Tesco Bank. However, due to ignorance of tipping culture, they may not only appear rude but also overpay.

“Checking tipping culture before holiday can often be overlooked. But not knowing how much you should tip can have consequences for holidaymakers and their budgets,” says Tesco Bank head of money services Iana Donachie.

However, he advised tourists to check online before traveling to see how much they should tip after receiving services such as going to a restaurant, buying a coffee, or taking a taxi, as the amounts may vary depending on where they are.

Donachie also advised taking into account the cost of tips when planning your trip budget, having prepared cash for this.

“I suggest checking the average cost of food at your destination and adding the local tip percentage to get a rough estimate. You can then include that amount when calculating the amount of money you can exchange for your trip,” the expert added.

How much tip is customary to leave in different countries?


The United States has a unique tipping culture, and foreigners may be shocked by the amount they have to pay. In the US, people typically tip 15 to 20 percent at food establishments, and tourists are also required to tip porters and hotel staff.


Tipping is not very common in Turkey, but tourists may leave extra money for particularly good food or service. In bars, taxis, and cafes, tips are usually not required either.


In Spain, most cafes, restaurants, and bars include a service charge in the bill. If the restaurant does not have a service charge, you can leave a tip of 5-10 percent of the total amount of the check.


A service charge is also usually added to the cost of food here, whereas tipping is not as common in Portugal. However, rounding up to the next euro is usually encouraged in restaurants. There is usually no tip for taxis in Portugal.


A service charge is usually added to the bill. Italy also has a “coperto” (or “admission fee”) system, in which tourists are charged an additional amount for table settings, bread, and olives when seated at a table in a restaurant.

Greece and Cyprus

In Greece and Cyprus, tipping is not usually expected, but leaving around 10 percent for particularly good food or service will be considered a nice gesture.


In France, a service charge is added to the bill. Tourists may also tip extra if they feel they had a particularly good experience.

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