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Holidays in Sharm El Sheikh with children: what you need to know

Sharm El Sheikh is located in the south of the Sinai Peninsula, in the Gulf of Aqaba. This place on the Red Sea coast, according to many experienced tourists, is recognized as one of the most beautiful and rich in underwater flora and fauna.

It is a snorkeling and scuba diving paradise and an ideal destination for families. Parents can safely go here even with the smallest children. There is a warm sea, a large number of sunny days, there are all kinds of entertainment for adults and children, interesting excursions, and all this at fairly reasonable prices.

Where to live

There are really a lot of family hotels in Sharm el-Sheikh, they have everything you need for a comfortable stay. Some were recently built and meet all modern requirements. Others have been working for a long time and have slightly lost their luster, but retained a high-quality service. Almost all of them employ international staff who speak popular languages, including Russian. In addition, many hotels in Sharm el-Sheikh offer a separate order of meals for children, equipped with their own water parks, children’s clubs and swimming pools.

When to go

Resting in Egypt is comfortable all year round, so you can fly to the homeland of the pharaohs both in winter and in summer. But there are, of course, some peculiarities. If your holiday fell during the winter period, be sure to bring some warm clothes with you. Despite the pleasant air temperature, it will be a little cool to swim, especially for the smallest tourists. But for such an occasion, most large hotels have pools with warm seawater.

The high tourist season is from the end of April to the end of October, so keep this in mind when planning your trip. But from mid-July and throughout August, the temperature here rises to +38 … +40 degrees. At this time, it is best to go on excursions in the morning, and during the day we recommend spending time in the shade or in closed rooms. Children during this period are not entirely comfortable resting, take this factor into account. But September-October are distinguished by the velvet sun, the ideally warmed sea and the absence of a frenzied influx of tourists.

Where to relax with children

Sharm El Maya Bay is called one of the best areas for families with children. This bay is protected from all sides by mountains, it is considered the most calm, and there are no corals on the coast. There is a soft sandy beach and a very convenient entrance to the sea. If you are going to rest in other bays, we advise you to purchase special beach shoes. Keep in mind that due to uncut coral, not all local beaches are free to swim without shoes. As a rule, the well-equipped beaches of large hotels are best suited for families.

What to travel on

Sharm el-Sheikh has a well-developed intercity bus service. Tourists can make a trip to Cairo, the travel time is approximately seven hours. And by ferry you can get to Hurghada in just 1.5 hours. As for urban transport, the most common type of taxi remains, which run through the streets from early morning until late at night with an interval of no more than five minutes. Some large hotels have their own buses, and vacationers always have the opportunity to use taxi services. Regardless of the type of transport, we advise you to check the fare in advance. If you wish, you can rent a car. To do this, do not forget to take your driver’s license from home.

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