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Germans told tourists where in Europe the most expensive food: prices increased by 54%

Germany’s Federal Statistical Office conducted a comparative analysis of price levels between European countries in April 2022 and found that six European countries offer food to tourists at the highest prices. The latest data showed that price levels have changed in popular holiday destinations. Among all European resort destinations, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Luxembourg, France, and Austria offer the highest food prices.

Thus, the price level in Switzerland in April 2022 was 54% higher than in Germany and about 146% higher than in Poland, which has the lowest price level with an index of 54.6. Switzerland was followed by Iceland, Norway, Luxembourg, and France. Food was significantly more expensive in these countries than in Germany and some other countries further down the list, such as Croatia, Hungary, and Poland.

Food prices in April 2022 in Norway were 42% higher than in Germany. During the same period, food prices increased by 40% in Iceland, by about 30% in Luxembourg, and by about 20% in France.

“Of all the selected European holiday countries, the price level was highest in Switzerland, where it was 54% higher than in Germany. In the northern European countries of Norway (+42%) and Iceland (+40%), food products were also significantly more expensive than in Germany,” the Federal Statistical Office said in a statement.

Compared to the price tag in Germany, France (+1%), and Austria (+2%), the cost of food is about the same. However, they remain quite high compared to other countries.

Paying for festive meals turned out to be especially cheap in the Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, and Poland. These countries have the lowest prices compared to other European destinations.

In a preliminary analysis, the Federal Statistical Office reported that consumers in Eastern Europe were the most affected by the increase in food prices in the European Union. In April 2022, the highest price increase was recorded in Lithuania. Similarly, price increases were registered in Bulgaria and Latvia.

DIP previously wrote that “European tour operators have threatened Spain with a tourist boycott due to the increase in hotel prices.”

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