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Diving and surfing: where to go for water sports lovers

Many people are ready to conquer impressive distances to curb the elements of the sea. Surfing and diving often become a way of life, so in some places, you can find real settlements of lovers of these sports. Dip.org.ua will tell you more about this.


Several islands of Mexico were chosen by scuba divers at once. The Yucatan Peninsula attracts with its amazing underwater caves. Guadalupe Island is ideal for thrill seekers as white sharks live here. Diving into the water is possible only in a special cage. This is the only way to safely approach dangerous predators.


Everyone goes to Thailand for a beach holiday and tropical fruits, although at the very depths of the Similan Islands there is a huge reserve of the deep sea. You can also try out using an underwater propulsion vehicle for your dives, they help cover a larger range underwater allowing you to see more. When diving, you can meet reef sharks and other aquatic inhabitants.


If diving is not close to you, and you have always dreamed of surfing, Bali will suit you. The island welcomes surfers of all levels. There are also schools and special camps for beginners. For experienced athletes, locals will show you the best places for skiing. It is best to come to Bali for a wave from April to September.


It is also suitable for surfers of any level, and it is not far to fly to it. The best time to visit is in spring and autumn. There is only one minus in Portugal, the water temperature does not rise above 23 degrees, so you won’t be able to swim without a suit.

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