Thailand has abolished quarantine for tourists on only one island

From July 1, travelers can visit Phuket without self-isolation. This only applies to those tourists who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Vaccinated tourists will be allowed to enter Thailand

Reports of the opening of Phuket for foreigners vaccinated against COVID-19 were confirmed by the Tourism Administration of Thailand.

It is planned that the island will become a pilot project to restore the flow of tourists. Quarantine will be lifted only in Phuket. In other provinces of Thailand will also be mandatory quarantine for tourists.

Quarantine can be completely lifted in Thailand only at the end of the year.

Thailand has abolished quarantine for tourists on only one island

Documents for entry to Phuket in July

To visit the country without self-isolation, you must provide a certificate of a full course of coronavirus vaccinations. The drugs must be recognized by the WHO.

List of documents:

  • Negative test for COVID-19, which is made not earlier than 72 hours before departure.
  • You need to get permission to enter Thailand – ESR certificate.
  • Insurance with coronavirus coverage for the entire period of stay in the country. The sum insured must be at least 100 thousand dollars.

At Thailand’s airport, tourists will have to be re-tested for coronavirus. You will also need to download a mobile application that captures the movement of tourists around the island.

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