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Experts named the 10 best countries offering good conditions for remote work

Today, with more people opting for flexible work environments and looking for new “options” for their “remote work” in 2022, a term used to describe a vacation that combines pleasure and remote work, Kayak shows which countries are most convenient and comfortable for remote work.

The proposed index of countries for remote work can be a source for those who are looking for new places to open their office away from home, either temporarily or for a longer period.

The study was focused on remote work – that is, areas where it is easier to work remotely and at the same time where some types of leisure are offered were evaluated. The study analyzed 111 countries and classified them according to 22 factors from six different categories: travel, local prices, health and safety, remote work, social life and weather.

Thus, according to the study, the top 10 countries that offer good conditions for remote work combined with the pleasure of traveling are:

Costa Rica

Portugal is the best country in the world for remote work

Portugal leads the world rankings thanks to high scores in all the categories analyzed, including great weather, plenty of places to stay, low crime rates and a relatively low cost of living.

Portugal also offers a visa for so-called digital nomads, and the local population has a high level of English proficiency, which is very attractive for travelers.

Spain named second best country for remote work

Spain ranks second in the rankings thanks to its large number of bars and restaurants per capita, combined with high-speed internet, numerous co-working spaces and visas for freelancers. Other aspects for which Spain scores in this ranking are its lively nightlife and the fact that it is an “LGBTQ+ friendly” country.

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