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Ceausescu’s plane hits Romanian Aviation Museum (PHOTOS)

The ROMBAC 1-11 aircraft, which was used for the official flights of the communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, was donated to the National Museum of Romanian Aviation yesterday, Ziare website reports. The plane was won at an auction organized by the Romanian auction house Artmark on May 27 by American collector Brian Hindman for 120,000 euros.

Artmark announced that Hindman had donated the aircraft to the National Aviation Museum of Romania free of charge. With the help of a donation, he expressed a desire to help “preserve the historical exhibit and attach it to the iconic models that have played an important role in world history.”

The aircraft is included in the List of movable cultural heritage in the category “treasure”.

The handover ceremony was held at Bucharest’s Henry Coanda International Airport in the presence of representatives of the Aviation Museum and Artmark.

The website states that the ROMBAC Super 1-11 presidential aircraft was used for Ceausescu’s official flights between 1986 and 1989.

ROMBAC 1-11 was produced in Romania in 1982-1993 as a licensed version of the British BAC 1-11.

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