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Wedding in Macedonia: the groom was hospitalized with pneumonia

The Sakam Da Skazum website reports that the newlyweds in the Macedonian city of Tetovo organized their wedding, despite the symptoms of COVID-19.

The case was confirmed by Dr. Ilyich Efkoski from a hospital in Tetovo.

The bride and groom came to the infusion hospital to freshen up before the wedding. They drank Paracetamol at home and did not tell the doctor that they had a fever. At home, they did quick tests for coronavirus, which showed that everyone in the family was positive, but did not believe that the tests were accurate because they bought them themselves at the pharmacy. They did not do PCR tests. Many people did not know about the disease: “They would not have known if the groom had not been admitted to the infectious department with pneumonia. Now the next member of the family is waiting to be hospitalized, “said Dr. Efkoski.

At the same time, the Geyser Hotel in Siarinska Banja (southern Serbia) became a COVID-19 cluster after it was found that 68 of the 179 people tested were positive for the virus, according to the Serbian news agency Fonet. It is also clear that 57 percent of the positives were vaccinated.

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