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Latvia urged its citizens to leave Pridnestrovie

The Latvian Foreign Ministry “urged” Latvian citizens not to visit Transnistria and leave it if they are currently there, reports the Associated Press.

Transnistria is a small strip of land controlled by pro-Russian separatist authorities after the 1992 war with Moldova. The region is located near the border with Ukraine. There are fears that a war between Russia and Ukraine could spread to him.

The Baltic News Service, a news agency of the three Baltic states, noted that the Latvian ministry’s call was related to existing threats to regional security and the recent decision of the Moldovan parliament to extend the state of emergency in the country for 60 days.

The so-called Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic is recognized only by Russia. In 2005, Moldova officially declared the autonomy of the separatist region, but had no real control over it.

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