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What is included in the all-inclusive system that tourists may not know about

Many tourists buy vouchers on an all-inclusive basis. However, not everyone knows what they are paying for, other than unlimited buffet food.

In different countries and different hotels, they look at all-inclusive differently, respectively, the number of free services is different. For example, this applies to alcoholic beverages. As a rule, in hotels in Turkey and Egypt, all-inclusive includes not only breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but also soft drinks, as well as local spirits. Tourists have to pay extra for imported alcohol. In Tunisia, alcohol in the bar is not served to vacationers as part of the all-inclusive system.

Also, all-inclusive in most hotels include free use of sun loungers, beach umbrellas, and towels. But this service is also provided at the request of specific hotels. For example, in the Dominican Republic, it is also customary to give fins and goggles to vacationers for free.

At the same time, it is better for tourists to check in advance at the hotels where they plan to stay, what is included and what is not in the “all-inclusive”. As a rule, this is written on the site, but sometimes the information may be outdated.

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