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Tourists in Turkey were told how to calculate that a 5-star hotel saves on them

Unfortunately, the number of stars near the hotel does not always correspond to the actual level of service and set of services. Sometimes it happens that a five-star hotel in Turkey saves on tourists and offers vacationers the service of a three-star hotel. An experienced tourist told in her blog how to unmistakably calculate such Turkish hotels.

The traveler has identified seven points that have five-star hotels that are afraid to spend on guests’ “extra penny”. Her main advice is to pay attention to the little things.

Tourists are not greeted in the lobby

If the Turkish five saves, no one in the lobby will think to meet. “It’s not even about smiling staff, although it’s also a sign, but it’s not about savings. In a good Turkish 5 * hotel, next to the reception desk, there are always free drinks: water, juice, sometimes cookies and fruit, ”said the blogger.

Any manifestation of the staff’s care for the guests is a good sign, the girl said. Good hotels will accommodate a tourist or offer to go for refreshments if he arrived much earlier than an hour to check in.

Poor minibar

According to standard rules, the mini-bar of a five-star hotel in Turkey should contain not only water but also other soft drinks. “Budget” fives “are limited to a few small boxes of juice. The hotel, which does not save, is sure to delight guests with soda. And someone is supplementing the set for tourists with beer, “the tourist said.

There are no toiletries in the room

Any Turkish “five” will offer its guests a hygienic set: soap, shower gel, and shampoo. However, only the real one will not spare a toothbrush, toothpaste, hair balm, body lotion, nail file, and cotton pads. Sometimes there is even a razor and a sewing kit, a shovel for shoes, and glass cups instead of paper ones. Vacationers like this level of care.

Here is what the author wrote: “Moreover, there are five-star hotels in Turkey that offer guests free beach bags and quite expensive cosmetics. Or make small gifts for guests. For example, in the Commodore Elite 5 * hotel (Side) I found in the room a large piece of olive soap in a souvenir package with the inscription: This is a gift for you!

No free services

The free services, which indicate the lack of visible savings for tourists, the traveler included the replacement of beach towels, free and stable Wi-Fi, and free safe and bathrobes in the room. However, if the staff asks you to pay 1-2 euros per day for these services, then the hotel saves, she said and confidently added: “You can be sure that the” buffet “and your mini-bar will not be varied.”.

Modest or no intermediate food

The owners of the most decent 5-star hotels in Turkey offer tourists snacks if there is to be an all-inclusive food system. However, those who save will serve the most ordinary sandwiches or french fries. An indicator of a good hotel – throughout the day “pamper vacationers with ice cream, Viennese waffles or pancakes, a variety of desserts, fruits, hot food and a variety of snacks. And he doesn’t ask for extra payment for coffee in Turkish. ” However, some hotels limit the time of the cafe.

No fish or seafood

Do you know why the question about hotels so often flashes the question: “And seafood and fish were given?” Because it is an indicator of a varied diet on the buffet. No hotel in Turkey should treat guests to shrimp, crabs, crayfish, or salmon. But still in some places they are, and in others tourists are offered only chicken and cheap breadcrumbs. Read reviews or review hotel reviews before buying a ticket: the availability of seafood and fish – an important point, “- said the traveler.

No special clothing for staff

High-class five-star hotels take the position that their hotel is a brand and the staff is its face. If the hotel saves money, the staff will wear any clothes they need. Also, no one guarantees their neat appearance. Another thing – hotels that value their name. Their staff wears only a clean and pleasant-looking uniform. “If the staff is badly dressed, you can be sure that the owner is not generous with a decent” buffet “, new bed linen, and timely quality repairs in the rooms,” – shared the observations of the author.

Finally, the tourist added that there are more obvious signs that give a bad hotel. She included mold in the corners of the bathroom, broken hangers, old furniture, and more. “But to choose exactly a good 5 * hotel in Turkey, I advise you to carefully read the latest reviews or watch reviews of bloggers,” – summed up the author.

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