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Hotels in Turkey have been advised of a sneaky strategy to extract money from tourists’ wallets

An insidious strategy for extracting money from tourists’ wallets was advised to Turkey’s hotels by the chairman of the board of Tatilsepeti Kaan Karayal. In his speech, quoted by Turizm Ajansi, he announced that the 2024 season will be a bit more difficult than the 2023 season. It will be determined by prices, and mainly only those hotels that will survive will learn an insidious strategy: the price increase should be gradual or creeping, and not sharp, as in the spring of 2023.

“Hotels that started with low prices and gradually increased their prices became the most profitable and happiest hotels in 2023. However, those who started the season with high prices saying, ‘2023 will be a good year, did not turn out to be a very good year, they were not able to achieve the desired occupancy and as a result, they had to lower their prices afterwards, which led to distrust on the part of the customer.” , – stated Mr. Karayal.

So he recommends that all hotels “adopt a strategy of gradually increasing prices in 2024.” “It’s a strategy we all know: as occupancy increases, so does the price. As long as hotels enter the season with such a strategy, they can achieve higher occupancy rates and have a more profitable season,” he assured. Tourists who want to rest in the “hottest” months of the season will have to pay for this strategy.

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