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Experts called the main tricks of Turkish and Egyptian hotels to save money and earn money

The experts named the most common tricks used by hotels in Turkey and Egypt in order to save money.

The first trick analysts called the reception of guests with a delay in settling. Tourists are explained that the room is not yet ready, and they are offered to relax by the pool and use the bar at the expense of the establishment. At the same time, during these few hours, the hotel accepted a surcharge from those who did not want to check out half a day before leaving for the airport. Thus, hotels collect additional earnings.

The second most popular trick analysts called alcohol diluted with water. Some hotels in Turkey and Egypt that offer all-inclusive holidays are guilty of this, experts said.

The third most popular way to save money is a false change of clothes. So hotels save on laundry.

Food and the pool are not available all the time, but strictly by the hour, checking into a room overlooking the wasteland (in order to require an additional payment for a sea view – about 20-25 dollars in both countries) and other fees of the same kind – for example, ” free tour” to a factory or shop, during which it turns out that the hotel paid for the trip only there.

In addition, it is not uncommon for hotels to approve room reservations for more guests than they can accommodate. In this case, tourists will simply be accommodated in a hotel that they did not choose.

Experts also talked about a “purely Egyptian” trick – a transfer to the nearest pharmacy or supermarket. If on the Turkish coast the infrastructure is always somewhere near the hotel, then on the Egyptian coast the nearest pharmacy can be “20 kilometers through the desert”, which is actively used by both the receptionists on duty, offering a transfer at a triple price, and local taxi drivers.

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